Chicago: Where To Eat

In case you somehow missed my excessive instagramming (is that a word?), I spent last week in Chicago! Looks like I left you in good hands with Kelly…cupcake week?! I’m a little sad I missed out!

In these two travel posts you will get to meet my lovely sister Cassie. Since our parents are going fishing in Alaska and kinda-sorta-didn’t-really invite us, we decided to do our own trip! Neither one of us had been to Chicago, so decided it was a good place to start. (p.s. check out her fashion page @StyleByCassie #ShamlessPlug).

Since this is a food blog and all, let’s start with what we ate! Later on I’ll give recommendations of what to do. Everyone told us 2 things we had to eat in Chicago: deep dish pizza and hotdogs. So that’s what we started with (unless you count the pasta we ordered in to the hotel and devoured at 1am the first night after we landed, but we won’t get into that…) Continue reading

Simply Living Guest Post~ Sweet Tea and Cobbler

We are so excited to have the lovely girls from the Simply Living blog guest posting for us today! Just like us, they are two friends living apart who share one blog. If you have not checked out their blog, seriously go do that NOW! Then come back and see what they’ve made for us today. I’m drooling over the pictures and wishing so badly that I had a glass of sweet tea and a big helping of cobbler right now! Thank you, Suruchi and Hannah, for this lovely post today! 
First off, we are so excited and thankful that Kelly and Stephanie asked us to guest post on their blog today! We are still pretty new to this whole blogging thing but have been so amazed by how welcoming and friendly all of the bloggers we have gotten to know in this community have been. Fortunately for us, Kelly and Stephanie were our first blogging friends and we are so thankful for their constant kind words and support! We love both of them and their blog so we are so ecstatic to share their space today!

Continue reading

Monthly Musings: Spring Book Review

Both of us love to read and are constantly giving each other updates of books we’re currently reading or want to read. Once Kelly even got an email from a finance program telling her she’d been spending too much money on books lately and should think about adjusting her book budget. One of the best parts of reading is then sharing your feelings about the book with someone else! We’re always swapping books with each other, either in person or through the mail. This time we wanted to share our thoughts with you! Here’s what we’ve been reading lately: Continue reading

Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes

Yes, you read that title right! It’s the final day of cupcake week and for the finale we bring you Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes. Seriously, YUM!!

Circus Animal cookies remind me of childhood, almost as much as Dunk-A-Roos, Squeeze-Its, Cookie Crisp cereal, Lisa Frank, Power Rangers, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Captain Planet.  Can these things please come back!?! #weusedtothinksqueezeitsmadeusdrunk #teampinkranger #captainplanethesourhero #cookiesforbreakfast #90skid

Sorry for the hashtags. I have more but don’t want to get carried away… Continue reading