Chicago: Where To Eat

In case you somehow missed my excessive instagramming (is that a word?), I spent last week in Chicago! Looks like I left you in good hands with Kelly…cupcake week?! I’m a little sad I missed out!

In these two travel posts you will get to meet my lovely sister Cassie. Since our parents are going fishing in Alaska and kinda-sorta-didn’t-really invite us, we decided to do our own trip! Neither one of us had been to Chicago, so decided it was a good place to start. (p.s. check out her fashion page @StyleByCassie #ShamlessPlug).

Since this is a food blog and all, let’s start with what we ate! Later on I’ll give recommendations of what to do. Everyone told us 2 things we had to eat in Chicago: deep dish pizza and hotdogs. So that’s what we started with (unless you count the pasta we ordered in to the hotel and devoured at 1am the first night after we landed, but we won’t get into that…) Continue reading