Simply Living Guest Post~ Sweet Tea and Cobbler

We are so excited to have the lovely girls from the Simply Living blog guest posting for us today! Just like us, they are two friends living apart who share one blog. If you have not checked out their blog, seriously go do that NOW! Then come back and see what they’ve made for us today. I’m drooling over the pictures and wishing so badly that I had a glass of sweet tea and a big helping of cobbler right now! Thank you, Suruchi and Hannah, for this lovely post today! 
First off, we are so excited and thankful that Kelly and Stephanie asked us to guest post on their blog today! We are still pretty new to this whole blogging thing but have been so amazed by how welcoming and friendly all of the bloggers we have gotten to know in this community have been. Fortunately for us, Kelly and Stephanie were our first blogging friends and we are so thankful for their constant kind words and support! We love both of them and their blog so we are so ecstatic to share their space today!

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Friendship – Guest Post @ The Wine Stain

We were approached by Ashley from The Wine Stain to do a guest post on friendship and we couldn’t be more excited! And nervous, too! Writing about ourselves is so much harder than writing about cookies! We wanted to spend a little time talking first about us, and how we became friends, and also about how we are able to keep our friendship going across the miles.

Here’s some of the highlights. Can you guess who said what??

  • I start getting really hot, kind of light-headed, dizzy…I’m going to faint. I’m thinking “just take deep breaths…don’t lock your knees” but it’s too late.
  • Nowadays I’m actually afraid of slipping in the shower. Don’t ask me why, I just am.
  • I’m not sure why I stopped wanting to be a vet…most days I actually like animals more than people.
  •  Eventually, I would love to do something with mental health education at a university.

We promise…all of these actually relate! Kind of. Make sure you go to The Wine Stain to see the full post here. Ashley is super smart and witty, we know you’ll love her blog as much as we do!

Happy Friday!

Kelly & Steph

Kitchen Gadgets: Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table

Happy Friday Eveyone! I am so happy to announce that we have our first guest post on LDBaking!! Meet my good friend and sorority sister, Elise!! Elise and I met as sorority sisters in Alpha Chi Omega at USC. She is currently a law student in San Diego and the author and creator of her style blog called Elise Marie Goes on a Shopping Spree. Seriously, go check out her blog now!! She posts the most fashionable and stylish outfits/accessories. I want her to redo my wardrobe! Today is a treat because she is blogging about some amazing cooking gadgets that everyone should have the kitchen. After reading this, I need to go shopping now and get some of these for myself! Check out her kitchen gadgets below then stop by her blog for some style inspiration! Thank you, Elise 🙂


When Kelly asked me to write a post about my favorite kitchen tools, I was the most excited! First of all, I absolutely LOVE Long Distance Baking and have bookmarked almost all of their recipes to try at some point! Second, while I absolutely love clothing and shopping for clothes, I have a serious weakness for all kitchen gadgets. Enjoy!