Classic Vanilla Cupcakes

Happy Cupcake Week on Long Distance Baking! You read that right, it’s cupcake week here at LDB and we couldn’t be more excited! We have 3 yummy cupcake variations this week, starting with Classic Vanilla.

The idea for cupcake week came about when I was asked to bake cupcakes for my cousin’s first birthday. I was so excited! I ran to Hobby Lobby and found cute cupcake holders, toppers and pink and white candied pearls. Continue reading

Friendship – Guest Post @ The Wine Stain

We were approached by Ashley from The Wine Stain to do a guest post on friendship and we couldn’t be more excited! And nervous, too! Writing about ourselves is so much harder than writing about cookies! We wanted to spend a little time talking first about us, and how we became friends, and also about how we are able to keep our friendship going across the miles.

Here’s some of the highlights. Can you guess who said what??

  • I start getting really hot, kind of light-headed, dizzy…I’m going to faint. I’m thinking “just take deep breaths…don’t lock your knees” but it’s too late.
  • Nowadays I’m actually afraid of slipping in the shower. Don’t ask me why, I just am.
  • I’m not sure why I stopped wanting to be a vet…most days I actually like animals more than people.
  •  Eventually, I would love to do something with mental health education at a university.

We promise…all of these actually relate! Kind of. Make sure you go to The Wine Stain to see the full post here. Ashley is super smart and witty, we know you’ll love her blog as much as we do!

Happy Friday!

Kelly & Steph

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Now I know for some, the title of this post will turn you away. That’s ok, I understand. It probably would have turned me away too but I have good reason for a gluten free post… My dad’s birthday!

Last year my dad drastically changed his diet and one of these changes included limiting his gluten-intake. Something the rest of my family, myself included, have also tried to do as well. We haven’t completely cut out gluten, well because, we struggle with gluten free bread. Sometimes a good ole piece of gluten heavy bread is just needed. Actually, it’s kind of always needed…
gfcupcake Continue reading

Whole Grain Walnut Quick Bread

As Kelly mentioned before, we ate so many great meals in Portland we just knew we’d have to recreate some at home! We went to a cute little Swedish place called Broder for Easter brunch and it had the most delicious bread! Not that my meal wasn’t great…I was just a little disappointed with the small pieces of toast I got. I wanted more!

Whole Grain Walnut Quick Bread | Continue reading