Soft Sugar Cookies

Is anyone else super behind on their holiday baking?! I don’t know where the time went! Sugar cookies are a classic. For any holiday! We used to make these every year growing up. The recipe is from my Aunt Jacki and to be honest, I don’t know where she got it. But this is the one recipe I’ve given out more than any other. Kelly visited me for New Year’s last year and ate sugar cookies at every meal I think!

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bars

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bars |

Things I love about baking at my parent’s house: KitchenAid mixer!!! Giant butcher block island. Double oven. Always having every ingredient I can possibly think of. Surround sound kitchen speakers and XM radio. Things I don’t love: I can never, ever, find anything. Once my sister and I left for college Mom and Dad moved into a new house and I’ve yet to figure out the cupboard situation. This results in a lot of talking to myself (which luckily you can’t hear over my music) and a lot of running up and down stairs to check the pantry for hidden ingredients. Continue reading

Soft Gingersnaps

Two things have confused me about the name Gingersnap: why are they called “ginger” when it’s the dark molasses that gives most of the flavor, and why “snap” when they are so soft and chewy? Turns out…not all gingersnaps are the same! I found I’m actually in the minority for loving a soft cookie. There are some die-hard “if they don’t snap they’re not gingersnaps!” folk out there. There are also some ginger fanatics who grate fresh ginger or even use diced ginger in their cookies to get a more intense, spicy ginger flavor. I, on the other hand, lean towards using more molasses to enhance the flavor.

Soft Gingersnaps |

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Make Ahead Pie Crust

Make Ahead Pie Crust |

My mother is a firm believer that every woman needs to know how to make homemade pie crust, that it is a necessary skill for life. Problem was, she didn’t have a good recipe! Not that the pie crusts were ever bad, they just weren’t that perfect flaky crust everyone craves. Lucky for us, the mom of one of my friends is practically famous for her pies (as famous as you can be in a town with less than 3,000 people…). My mom spent one day with her learning her secrets, and has since passed it along to my sister and I. Continue reading

Monster Cookie Brownie Bars

I’ve discovered the secret to winning over co-worker love… bring in baked goods on a regular basis.

I started baking for my co-workers at my previous job in Los Angeles and you would have thought I was Kate Middleton handing out buckets of gold. They were truly the most appreciative group of people and they always loved what I brought in!

Monster Cookie Brownie Bars |

I also love baking for my co-workers because I don’t want to eat all the sweets by myself. And trust me, I’ll eat every last bite. One of the traits I inherited from my grandmother, besides a healthy does of worry, is a massive sweet tooth. Continue reading