Portland: What To Eat (Part II – Dessert and Drinks)

Sooo…we ate too much food to fit into one blog post. Is that bad? Don’t answer that. In our second portion we go over perhaps our two favorite meals: dessert and drinks! If you missed our food reviews, check out Part I.


Salt & Straw
Our love for ice cream matches our love for donuts (see Pip’s in Part I). Any dessert, really. I mean, we do have a blog dedicated to baked goods!! Salt & Straw is definitely a must visit when in Portland. The ice cream is amazing and the flavor combos are unusual, yet perfect. We were able to sample any and all flavors including ones like Donut, Smores, Chimi Churro, and Chocolate with Brownies. Amy liked the Honey Lavender and we heard good things about the Pear and Goat Cheese…but those were a bit adventurous for our taste. Steph and Kelly each settled on a double scoop: one with Sea Salt/Caramel and Coffee/Bourbon and one with Snickerdoodle and Coffee/Bourbon. Nothing beats homemade ice cream and Salt & Straw is the place to get the best homemade flavors! Steph even saved half of hers for the next day because she was too full…just as good leftover!


Salt & Straw

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Irish Gold St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!! To be honest, this isn’t a holiday I’ve ever really cared about. It kind of just seemed like another holiday we use here in the US as a reason to drink (like Cinco de Mayo…why are we celebrating Mexico’s Independence for them?). But for some reason I’m actually excited for St. Patty’s this year! Maybe it’s because I recently found out I’m part Irish. Or because I can use it as an excuse to buy a green shirt. Or maybe I’ve just fallen into the above mentioned category of using the day as an excuse to go out with friends.

Irish Gold St. Patrick's Day Cocktail | longdistancebaking.com

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Peach Mimosa

Guys…I’m cold. I know it’s not as cold here as that whole “Polar Vortex” thing back East I keep hearing about, but…I’m still cold. And I don’t remember the last time I saw the sun. Boise is in a valley and keeps getting these inversion things. It’s basically just low lying clouds…that stay for weeks, trapping the cold air. It will be cold and in the 30s down here in the valley, while up in the mountains it will be 40 and sunny! It’s just not fair.

Do you know what makes you warmer though? Drinking. And that’s what we’ve resorted to here. Ok I’m kind of kidding. We had high hopes for New Years Eve this year, with plenty of champagne to go around. That is until I ended up with a migraine and was fast asleep by about 10pm. I woke up feeling great though! So roomie and I decided to put the champagne to use and make mimosas. And that’s where this came from.

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Acai Smoothie

It’s official, I’m an adult. I got a Sonicare for Christmas. It was seriously the only thing I wanted. You know you are getting older when your wish list is created for practicality reasons. And although I would have been very content with just my toothbrush, I also got a blender. I know what you’re thinking but, I didn’t just get any blender. My parents surprised me with a Ninja!! If you don’t know what a Ninja is, check this out. It’s a mighty, high powered, ultra sleek, super cool blender/food processor/mixer all in one. I’m still reading the manual to learn all it’s features. Coolest. Gadget. Ever.

Acai Berry Smoothie | longdistancebaking.com

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