Classic Buttercream Frosting

In looking over the past few months of recipes here at Long Distance Baking, I’ve come to realize we use a lot of frosting around here! But it is usually more behind the scenes, while the baked treats get all the attention. It’s time for frosting to be front and center…and today, it’s all about the buttercream.

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Royal Icing

To be honest, I really didn’t know that royal icing was fancy” or that many people rarely or never use it. We just called it “frosting” and it was the only way I knew how to frost cookies! Royal icing will dry into a smooth, hard finish that looks very professional. Any little bumps or imperfections will smooth out perfectly. Maybe this is why Mom let my sister and I decorate her cookies as children…because she knew we couldn’t mess up with this icing…hmmm…

Royal Icing |

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