Monthly Musings: Spring Book Review

Both of us love to read and are constantly giving each other updates of books we’re currently reading or want to read. Once Kelly even got an email from a finance program telling her she’d been spending too much money on books lately and should think about adjusting her book budget. One of the best parts of reading is then sharing your feelings about the book with someone else! We’re always swapping books with each other, either in person or through the mail. This time we wanted to share our thoughts with you! Here’s what we’ve been reading lately: Continue reading

Monthly Musings: April

I’m warning you now: this post is going to be mostly pictures. Of my dogs. Because I don’t really know what to say. And I can’t promise there won’t be tears. But you will get to see an old picture of me with braces…so that’s fun.

Meet Patches and Rookie. Aka The Boys.

Monthly Musings |

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Monthly Musings: Kelly

“Embrace the current season of your life.” -Gabrielle Blair

February 2014 is almost over… what?!? I feel like it was just Halloween and now you can see St. Patrick’s Day decorations all over the grocery store! This year is flying by, of course every year seems to fly as you get older. I tend to think of the calendar year as an oval. More specifically, kind of like an elongated clock (elongated at 3 and 9) without the times but January starts at where 3:00 is and ends where 12:00 would be located. So I guess that’s a funky clock that moves backwards but it’s oval/clock nonetheless. I also tend to think of the calendar in colors. Let me explain. Continue reading

Monthly Musings: Stephanie

While we did start this blog mainly for sharing our baking adventures, a lot happens in our lives outside of the kitchen! Kelly and I will each be posting a Monthly Musing to discuss…whatever we feel like! It could be book reviews, new music we’re listening to, a TV show we’re obsessed with…anything that’s been on our mind that month.

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