Chicago: Where To Eat

In case you somehow missed my excessive instagramming (is that a word?), I spent last week in Chicago! Looks like I left you in good hands with Kelly…cupcake week?! I’m a little sad I missed out!

In these two travel posts you will get to meet my lovely sister Cassie. Since our parents are going fishing in Alaska and kinda-sorta-didn’t-really invite us, we decided to do our own trip! Neither one of us had been to Chicago, so decided it was a good place to start. (p.s. check out her fashion page @StyleByCassie #ShamlessPlug).

Since this is a food blog and all, let’s start with what we ate! Later on I’ll give recommendations of what to do. Everyone told us 2 things we had to eat in Chicago: deep dish pizza and hotdogs. So that’s what we started with (unless you count the pasta we ordered in to the hotel and devoured at 1am the first night after we landed, but we won’t get into that…) Continue reading

Portland: Hiking Eagle Creek

We promise we did more than just eat while in Portland! We went shopping, walked around NW Portland, drove through neighborhoods picking out potential dream homes, met new friends and almost got tattoos! (well only Kelly) One of our favorite parts of the trip, however, was our hike in Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls and Oneonta Gorge where Amy led us on an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course to get a better glimpse of the gorge. Even though we almost died, it was so fun and incredibly gorgeous. Here are some pictures of that excursion!

We started out with Eagle Creek, about 40 miles east of Portland. Portland Hikers calls it “the quintessential hike in the Columbia River Gorge, boasting dozens of spectacular waterfalls, tall basalt cliffs, and the lush temperate rain forests that so characterize the Pacific Northwest”. Lush is right, it was beautiful! 

Portland: Hiking Eagle Creek |

We went to Punchbowl Falls. Next time, we’re heading to the lake!

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Portland: What To Eat (Part II – Dessert and Drinks)

Sooo…we ate too much food to fit into one blog post. Is that bad? Don’t answer that. In our second portion we go over perhaps our two favorite meals: dessert and drinks! If you missed our food reviews, check out Part I.


Salt & Straw
Our love for ice cream matches our love for donuts (see Pip’s in Part I). Any dessert, really. I mean, we do have a blog dedicated to baked goods!! Salt & Straw is definitely a must visit when in Portland. The ice cream is amazing and the flavor combos are unusual, yet perfect. We were able to sample any and all flavors including ones like Donut, Smores, Chimi Churro, and Chocolate with Brownies. Amy liked the Honey Lavender and we heard good things about the Pear and Goat Cheese…but those were a bit adventurous for our taste. Steph and Kelly each settled on a double scoop: one with Sea Salt/Caramel and Coffee/Bourbon and one with Snickerdoodle and Coffee/Bourbon. Nothing beats homemade ice cream and Salt & Straw is the place to get the best homemade flavors! Steph even saved half of hers for the next day because she was too full…just as good leftover!


Salt & Straw

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Portland: What To Eat (Part I)

We went on foodie adventure in Portland last week and here is all the places we ate! Please, don’t judge… We were on vacation after all! Calories don’t count 🙂 Amy is Kelly’s cousin who lives there and she was our gracious host and tour guide for the trip. If you’re curious about our non-food adventures, you can check out both Kelly and Stephanie’s instagrams or search #ldbakinginpdx. There will also be a What To Eat (Part II – Desserts and Drinks) and a What To Do post, but for now…food.


Our first breakfast in Portland, which also happened to be Kelly’s birthday, was spent at Besaw’s on 23rd in NW Portland. Since we were so tired from traveling and drinking our beer samplers at Deschutes the first day in Portland, we ended up going to bed before 10 and as a result, we woke up at 6am. We headed to Besaw’s about 8, first stopping for vanilla lattes at Barista. Besaws is super cute inside and smells amazing! Everything on the menu looked delicious and we all seemed indecisive on what to order. We eventually ordered the following: Steph got the avocado omelette, Amy tried the oatmeal pancakes, and Kelly ordered the farmer’s hash. Amy’s pancakes were made with oat flour, so they weren’t really “oatmeal” pancakes like we were expecting. The hash had full sized garlic cloves spread throughout that at first Kelly thought they were potatoes. It was truly amazing how much garlic was on the plate! If you are in NW Portland, this is definitely a place to check out!

Portland: What To Eat |

Avocado Omelette at Besaw’s

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Together At Last


For the first time since starting this blog…Kelly and I were together! And we’d been practically counting down the days. We had a list a mile long of things to do! Such as: go running, go to hot yoga, shop, bake, maybe do a video post?, coffee date, drink wine, look at Christmas lights…it goes on. Want to know how many of those things got done? Two. Starbucks and wine. Pretty typical if you ask me! Granted it was mostly my fault as I was only in town roughly 48 hours (though if we ever actually work out while we’re together it’s a miracle). Continue reading